“Kayser is the brand of prestige and tradition internationally known for design, quality, value, and service."


Founded in 1908 in the United States, Kayser is the number one intimate, and sleepwear family brand in Chile.

We have 352 branches in 44 countries around the world and over two thousand ports of sale.


The Kayser Global Initiative.

Franchise Kayser in Your Country.

Kayser global initiative: to have a store in every capital city including online and wholesale distribution in every country!

Any smart business man will love this opportunity!

For owners and investors, an exclusive franchisee is required for many countries.

Kayser owns and operates 70 stores in Chile and 40 stores in Peru.

Kayser will help the franchisee build out the stores, provide all the marketing, and introduce your store to Amazon.


Kayser is a Family Brand.

Something for everyone, young and old.



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We design in Chile and manufacture intimates, underwear, hosiery and socks, for men, woman and children.

We will create specific packaging to suit your countries' specifications.


Franchise Kayser in Your Country.

For information and questions regarding this outstanding opportunity please contact:

Sherwin Ace Ross


cell: 213/ 884-8448







Each Franchisee / distributor will have their own ONLINE Store exclusive in their country!

We have a personal relationship with Amazon and we will help you be successful.






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Kayser was trademarked in 1908 in New York City. In 1960, Jacob Nazal purchased the license to open stores in Santiago, Chile, and set up shop. "Our facility came to have over 800 workers for dyeing of fabrics and lace. This is a family business where I got in very young—I hope that my children and your children will continue the business!” Jacob Nazal


Today Kayser owns the trademark in 140 Countries!


Kayser will work hands on with each Franchise to assure success in your country!

Kayser owns 70 retail stores in Chile and 40 stores in Peru. The collection is carried in Falabella, Paris, Jumbo, and Lider. Kayser has opened a state of the art new logistics center at Santiago Airport. The state of the art complex is 216,000 square feet and boasts a gym, a soccer field, showers, and a clubhouse/lunch/break facility.


The target audience of Kayser is consolidated in the middle class, where 65 percent of women hold the purchasing power.


213/ 884-8448

If you agree with our conditions you will be invited to Santiago, Chile to tour the stores and logistics center with the owners.

You pay the plane ticket, we will pay your hotel, food, transport on in Chile.

We will help you with you Visa.

Kayser's rich brand 40 year history will train and support you and your management team.


requirements to become an exclusive Kayser

Franchise / Agent / Distributor

  • In order to use and commercialize Kayser Brand, our product will be sold only on formal markets (i.e. Stores, department stores, etc.). They cannot be sold on any kind of street markets.


  • We grant the rights to use the Kayser brand for 5 years. This right can be renewed.


  • All prices will be FOB Hong Kong.


  • All purchases will be done to our factories. There will not be any local product development.


  • We can supply all marketing and visual materials (designs to be printed locally).


  • Payment conditions. It can be either LC 30 days or TT delivery 50% at order emission, the rest upon B/L.


  • There will be no product returns.



  • Final Retail price at Kayser stores will be set by you. We recommend 3 times landed cost.


  • Kayser does not charge any kind of Royalty to our clients for the use of our Brand.


We look forward to opening a conversation with you special esteemed self soonest.

Sherwin "Ace" Ross
























We look forward to opening a conversation with you special esteemed self soonest.

Sherwin "Ace" Ross